2DEEP Leader development

I was doing some research on Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL since they are doing such a great job of creating networks of reproducing churches, that totally intersected with a staff meeting that we had with Dan Southerland, our new lead teaching pastor last week.

He stopped the whole meeting and had us repeat the words, ‘Two Deep’.

Each leader, each staff member, each volunteer should be developing a bench that is at least 2 deep. Call it ‘apprenticing’ or whatever. Each person should be investing in their replacement. The lid to the church’s growth is not buildings, sites, strategy, creativity, or even vision….it’s leaders….because leaders give you all of the above.

This idea totally intersects with CCC’s big questions, ‘How do we reproduce more and better leaders at all levels’ and ‘How do we reproduce more and better artists at all levels’.

I’m still mulling that one over in my mind…I mean, I have about 3 guys that I’m investing in to ultimately replace me…but it would be so much easier to find a real strategy since no one actually did it with me. ย You guys have any thoughts?

What are the right questions that should be asked for a broad leadership development strategy that can be tailored to each upcoming leader?….still letting that one simmer.

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  1. Kelly Crane says:

    Back when I was in ministry at Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas, the pastor told me something that has really stuck with me ever since. He told me–and he told me to tell my singles ministry lay leaders–that if they have an idea for a ministry to develop to first pray about it and then find two people who are willing to come alongside them to start it before they jump in.

    Now I’m kind of a jump in with both feet kind of person. If I get an idea that I consider brilliant (!?!) I want to act on it right away. It is against my nature to patiently wait and pray for others to catch the vision and come alongside me.

    But I’ve found that in both ministry work and in the corporate world that for the sustainability of the ministry or work, it is important to have those people alongside you who share that vision. Then train or mentor those people to become your replacements.

    In my life and career, I’ve had it work both ways. When I jumped in first and implemented something without first casting vision and getting buy-in, when I ultimately turned the responsibilities over to someone else, the work fizzled and died. But when I had people come alongside me and help me create and refine that vision–and get as excited about it as I was–then when I left, the ministry or work continued to flourish.

  2. KC Allen says:

    Good thoughts and very encouraging to hear.

    IMHO, we undershoot the reason we invest in people when we say it is just so they can replace us when we’re gone. The goal should be for them to surpass us with their unique gifts and abilities and accomplish more for the kingdom than we could alone. This slight twist, raises the bar on what we ask of the people we’re leading. We ask them to do big things instead of just watch us and do little things. I think we are much to slow to give real responsibility. Look at the life of Jesus – he challenged and moved his disciples fast. He sent them out to minister (Luke 12 I think ???) and the case can be made some didn’t even realize who Jesus was yet.

    The goal would be to raise up such great leaders that we have to step aside for them to keep moving. The best example of this I know of is the church formally known as ‘The church on Brady” that is now called ‘Mosaic’ led by Erwin McManus. The previous pastor mentored Erwin and then, much earlier than anyone else would have done, said ‘here, the church is yours, lead it well.’ He saw potential, gave responsibility, and got out of the way.

    I think we don’t give enough responsiblity to those learning from us, and we are much too slow to get out of the way.

    Now to just act on this idea …. oh, that’s more complicated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jason Morris says:

    One thing I’ve learned in my 2DEEP quest is that when I obey Jesus in ‘praying for laborers’ (note: NOT followers), He does an amazing thing.
    He answers!!!
    I’ve got 3 2DEEP people now and we’re on the wildest ride of our lives!!!

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