Online Church is putting the focus where it belongs

I just read a post today by Paul Watson from the Reaching the Online Church blog that happened to intersect with a conversation our counseling staff was having with our Pre-marital counseling classes.

We have seen a HUGE response by pairing up the engaged couples with mentor couples for every other week of teaching, and then every other week a class teaching the concept.

You’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with online stuff? Hang with me, I’m getting there.

I suggested that we take the classes and video them for on-demand online distribution since we’re pushing all the interactive back and forth work to be done by the mentor couples. Let the teaching just teach and let the mentor just mentor.

Which brings me to my premise. If it’s a download experience (I sit and you talk), put it online. If it’s a life-on-life coaching thing, focus on that. For years the Church has mistaken teaching for discipleship and now with online distribution, we can split the two in order to allow people to focus on discipleship in it’s best form…’life on life’ instead of ‘teaching on life’.

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