Just read this: A Free, One Stop Solution for E-Book Conversion

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If you’ve ever downloaded free ebooks, you’ll often find them in an ePub format. Unfortunately, Kindle doesn’t support ePub files.

Having downloaded today’s free ebooks, I ran into that exact problem (of course a few hours later, I realized they were available straight from Amazon — doh!).

So, after a quick search on Google, I found an ebook conversion tool that’s available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

But, did it work?


After you download and install Calibre, it takes you a simple setup. Be sure to select your “generic” device!

calibre ebook converter

Is this a good place for my library? Default settings will do, I suppose. After all, I prefer using my Kindle app to manage my library, I just want to use Calibre to convert.

calibre ebook converter

This is a cool feature! You can send converted books (and those you keep in the Calibre library, if you chose to use Calibre for ebook management) straight to your device!

calibre ebook converter

WOOT! Easy!

calibre ebook converter

Calibre is ugly, but at least it’s free and multiplatform!

calibre ebook converter

Simple click on the “Add books” to add your the ePub (or any other file format you’re converting) books you want to convert:

calibre ebook converter

Make your selection and click, “Convert books.”

Easy, right?

calibre ebook converter

Calibre has an impressive number of options, including the number of “convert to” options:

calibre ebook converter

After converting the three ePub files to mobi, you can sort your ebook library by format. So, if you have a Kindle and another ebook reader, you could potentially manage both libraries at once.

calibre ebook converter

After you’ve made the conversion, you can email it to your Kindle, send to a device or save it to disk.

calibre ebook converter

I chose to save to disk and added them to my Kindle app, since I wanted to have a copy on my local machine to read, anyway.


When an app is free, you automatically give it some grace. So, despite the fact this is an extremely cluttered app, I highly recommend using Calibre for converting your ebooks. It was easy to setup and worked like a charm.

You can learn more about Calibre and download it for free on the Calibre website.

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from ChurchCreate http://churchm.ag/ebook-file-converter/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ChurchMag+%28ChurchMag%29

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