Just read this: How to Think at the Next Level

from JeremieKubicek.com http://jeremiekubicek.com/how-to-think-at-the-next-level/

Every one of us thinks at a certain level based on what influences us, where we are, how we live, how we were brought up, etc. For many of us, our thinking is shaped by our surroundings but our surroundings do not have to limit the way we think.

There is a way to think at the next level and often it involves nothing more than a simple shift in perspective.

Let me share a personal example…

I recently began thinking about our strategy of what our business should do for our strategic planning process. As I defined what we should do next, I shifted my thinking to what we could do. That simple concept changed the game of my thinking and of our strategy. It very simply took our view of the company up to the next level.

My natural instinct led me to then get real and say to myself “how in the world are we going to fund this?” The truth is that this vision is very big, it is at the next level of thinking. I simply chose to think about the positive’s of the next level rather than the negatives of reality.

I then went on to place a value on the next level thinking and guess what, it was huge. In fact, the idea was so big that I had to go back over my chicken scratch numbers to see if I was dreaming. I then compared it to the should-be plan. The could-be plan made the normal plan look boring, stale and dead. Even if we don’t hit the numbers of what could-be, it will be so much bigger than my original thinking.

The ramifications for thinking at the next level are massive. Thinking at the next level means more people, more lines of business, more impact and more opportunity. Is the more worth it? In my case I believe it is worth the risk.

Now, we turn our attention to you. What is the next level of thinking for what you are dealing with? What is the positive response instead of negative one? What is the value of the positive over the original thought? This can apply to relationships, businesses, or simply ideas.

Here me on this, get your mind accustomed to thinking one level bigger every time you strategically think about anything. Do it as an exercise and you will be amazed at the growth in your life and leadership.

from JeremieKubicek.com http://jeremiekubicek.com/how-to-think-at-the-next-level/

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