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The World’s Foremost Marketing Guru & Business Week’s “Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age,” Seth Godin is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. Named one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century by Successful Meetings Magazine, Godin draws on his bestselling books and years of being a marketing pioneer to bring audiences of all kinds to their feet.

Listen to audio of the keynote above, and follow along with notes below.

Make Art

  • I’m not interested in what’s next in marketing, but I’m interested in what’s now.
  • Things can change when one person stands up and chooses to act differently.
  • Betty Crocker is important because when General Mils put her on the radio, they would buy a half hour of air time, and people would phone in and ask questions about baked goods. They hired 250 women to answer cooking questions.
  • Duncan Heinz brand started with restaurant guides, then quickly grew to canned goods, and food.
  • All that mattered back then was that your product would get in front of people. Ads and interruptions were the work.
  • Your boss keeps saying MORE!
  • We are told that we are marketers need to interrupt people and put our product in front of people.
  • I call it the TV-industrial complex.
  • Buy TV ads > Get distribution > Sales > Profit > BUY MORE ADS, and it keeps going around and around.
  • If you’re going to interrupt everyone you better put something in front of people that everyone wants to buy.
  • The number of food items was overrun.
  • Then we had an overage of media channels.
  • The number of channels is too big for you to become a mass marketer.
  • There isn’t a shortage of noise.
  • The average American watches 3-4 hours a TV per night but they can’t remember any of the ads.
  • We grew up believing that our job was to buy into this perpetual machine of profit.
  • One time I was driving with my kids and they were being loud in the backseat, then all of the sudden they were quiet for about 4 seconds, because they were staring at a cow. It was just a normal cow. So I kept driving. But what if it was a purple cow?  I would have stopped and taken a picture.
  • Remarkable – worth making a remark about it. 
  • The art of marketing is to start being the first step in the process of making things that are worth talking about in the first place.
  • We are no longer in an environment where you can out buy your competition.
  • Your product needs to be for someone not for everyone.
  • Attention is the asset of the future. The privilege of marketing to someone who want to be marketed to is the only asset that matters.
  • If you make an average product, why would someone want to hear from you? They don’t!
  • You have to make something that people care about.
  • Revolutions disrupt things.
  • There have been 4 revolutions in history
  • Cheap energy – kerosene, oil, or gas
  • Cheap output
  • Cheap media
  • Cheap connection – it is cheaper to connect now than ever before in history. All of that stuff that used to be scarce is now abundant, but what is scarce is who is willing to listen to you?
  • These connections lead to tribes.
  • The internet is allowing all of these tribes to show up.
  • We like being in alignment. Human beings like being part of people who are in sync. Most people would rather vote for the winner of an election than the person they actually want to win.
  • Is it how am I going to run some social media campaign? No. That’s silly.
  • The challenge is, who is my tribe? How do I find this group of people?
  • The niches are better markets. What can you do to go to edge?
  • As you try more stunts to get noticed you end up worse, because it’s not the masses and you don’t have a chance to scale.
  • Why is it hard? Because this isn’t what you signed up for, right?
  • Henry Ford popularized and perfected this notion of mass production.
  • Interchangeable parts and mass production are what allow us all to have the standard of living that we have. But we also needed interchangeable people.
  • This led to schools to train factory workers of tomorrow.
  • The reason they want you to fit in is that once you do, they they can ignore you.
  • Only 200 years ago the job was invented. If you wanted to be a coal miner, you didn’t start your own coal mine. You went to find a guy who had a coal mine.
  • There aren’t many great jobs left where someone tells you what to do all day.
  • The jobs that are being created are art. 
  • This is a human being making up their own rules to solve a problem. This is authentic human work.
  • Art is doing something that draws a line in the sand.
  • There is no map for art.
  • Competence is no longer a scarce commodity.
  • If you can write it down, I can find it cheaper.
  • The first thing you can do is stop bowling. The problem with bowling is that the goal is to be perfect. You’ve got to figure out how to do something worth talking about.
  • Writing down the answer doesn’t help anymore because I have wikipedia. I need to pay someone who can figure out a new problem.
  • What the internet is saying to you is here, pick yourself! 
  • Here is a microphone, what do you have to say?
  • The only people who are going to win are the people who are going to figure out how to innovate.
  • We need monopolistic creativity.
  • If failure is not an option you’ve just announced that neither is success.
  • The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck.
  • No one has ever done creative work on a blackberry. It’s function is to say “its okay, you’re not going to get bit by an alligator.”
  • This is the lizard brain.
  • The lizard brain is the one that causes you to get nervous when your boss calls.
  • The lizard brain causes you to act like a sheep at work. If someone tells you what to do then it means that it’s not your fault.
  • Artists understand that the opportunity is an a chance to give a gift.
  • An artist would rather give their art than sit at home and waste it.
  • Don’t strive to be heard when you’re here. Work to be missed when you’re not.
  • If you stay on the plane it’s United’s fault, if you get off, it’s your fault.
  • Is this seat taken? Do you know how many people want your seat? Want your job?
  • Your job is the best platform you’ve got to do art, take a risk, to connect with people.
  • Make art
  • give gifts
  • If someone says to you, “How was your day?” and you say “fine” then you’re a manager. But if you’ve got a story then maybe you’re a leader. Maybe you have a passion to change everything.
  • You have everything you need right now, except making a choice to lead us. “We need you to lead us.”
  • Seth Godin on the publishing industry model

    • I’ve tried really hard not to be a hypocrite. When the number of books goes up, but the umber of people stays the same, something has to go.
    • When I can deliver the right book to the right person, all of the sudden the scarcity of shelf space and all of these other things goes away, and replaced with abundancy instead.
    • Doing things that don’t make sense is what artists do all the time.

    What is your favorite failure and what did you learn from it?

    • I did a video aquarium.
    • The biggest failure of mine was when I wrote a book and spent $80,000 and sold 300 copies, but two guys started yahoo.com for less than $80,000.
    • It’s not the resources you have, it’s what do you see? What do you notice?
    • Circuit City didn’t do anything wrong, and because of that they are now Circuit City gone.
    • How do I use this as platform for valuable change?
    • Weirdness is already becoming the new norm because people are doing what they want. They are visiting the website they want. We’re seeing more and more people as we get wealthier, we’re using that wealth to get weirder, to be more like ourselves.

    from joshburns.net/blog http://joshburns.net/blog/?p=1290&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Joshburnsnetblog+%28joshburns.net%2Fblog%29


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