Just read this: My Brain Hurts…

from DarylMcMullen.com http://darylmcmullen.com/post/23493191688/my-brain-hurts

Know the feeling? Forcing your brain to work overtime?

This past week has been that for me. Why?

  • Mind Mapping Session: Monday and Tuesday I got to spend time brainstorming our web strategy with the team and friends from Plain Joe Studios in Chicago at The Orchard Community. Talk about “thinking outside the box” on so many levels. How do you take your web presence to the next level? What is the next level? Do you even want the next level? And on and on… But I think we came away from it all with an amazing plan. Can’t wait to see where it takes us. 
  • Online Church Round Table: From there I flew to Irvine, CA with Mark Meyer to attend a round table discussion on what it means to do church in the cloud. Two days of great conversation and challenging outcomes. We have done so little in the grand scheme of things. But there are so many things coming down the pike – online church could look totally different in just 6-12 months. Glad to be on the front lines. Thanks again to Plain Joe Studios, Ethur and Media Social for a great trip!

Today I’m back at work – ready to jump in – come on brain, just engage already!

from DarylMcMullen.com http://darylmcmullen.com/post/23493191688/my-brain-hurts

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