Just read this: Re-Thinking Responsive Web Design

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It’s amazing how much web design has changed in the the past year or so because of the jump in mobile device use. Responsive web design is now a requirement.

The websites you build from here on out must consider mobile devices, but this can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not a seasoned designer and code wrangler.

Even as I consider a new project and make tweaks to previous works, making websites mobile friendly looms about me!

Here are 5 useful CSS tricks for responsive design I ran across from the Web Designer Wall.

It covers:

  1. Responsive Video
  2. Min & Max Width
  3. Relative Values
  4. Overflow:hidden Trick
  5. Word-break

After reading through these, the idea of building a responsive website seems far less overwhelming. In fact, just by following a few of these tricks, you could consider revising web layouts that were not originally built responsive.

These tricks cover more of the internal elements, so if you’re interested in how to go about making your layout responsive, be sure to check the Web Designer Wall’s Responsive Design in 3 Steps. Just like the 5 useful CSS tricks, this tutorial breaks responsive design down to the barebones.

I can honestly say that after reading over these, the idea of responsive design is far less overwhelming. It’s all about reprogramming and relearning  a few basic web design principles.

So, if you’re feeling a little unsure and uneasy about responsive design, know that you’re not alone and ChurchMag will continue to share awesome resources to help the Church transition.

Do you ave any favorite resources or tips?

Please, let us know!

You may even want to consider writing a post for us, too. ;-)

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from ChurchIT http://churchm.ag/re-thinking-responsive-web-design/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ChurchMag+%28ChurchMag%29


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