Just read this: Six different ways to craft a message that makes a connection…

from KemMeyer.com http://kemmeyer.com/post/23289900688/six-different-ways-to-craft-a-message-that-makes-a

  1. Slice of life. Shows people experiencing the offering. A summer festival may show a family picnicking on the lawn as the concert is about to begin.
  2. Lifestyle. Emphasizes how the offering fits in with a lifestyle. An ad for a singles subscription series may show young adults sitting in small groups sipping wine during a performance reception.
  3. Fantasy. Creates a fantasy around an offering or occasion. The Dallas Opera’s season brochure was headlined “Passion in the evening; no regrets in the morning.”
  4. Mood or image. Ties the offering to an evocative mood or image such as beauty, love, serenity or excitement. No claim is made about the offering except through suggestion. “When my parents take me to the ballet, it makes me feel loved,” says one child at the Atlanta ballet. 
  5. Evidence of expertise. Shows the expertise of the organization or it’s performers, directors or composers in creating an offering or in mounting productions. Presents critical evidence that it’s in another league. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra announces it’s won 51 Grammy Awards, “Sold Out” banners are placed over performance announcements, etc. 
  6. Testimonials. Features highly credible, likable or expert source touting the offering. It may be a celebrity (Michael Jordan endorsing Chicago Lyric Opera) or an ordinary person praising the offering (avid runner and Braves fan marvels at the Atlanta Ballet dancer’s athleticism.)

* Excerpt from: Standing Room Only: Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts.

from KemMeyer.com http://kemmeyer.com/post/23289900688/six-different-ways-to-craft-a-message-that-makes-a


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