Just read this: Posting Strategy for Social Media [free download]

from churchrelevance.com http://churchrelevance.com/posting-strategy-for-social-media/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+churchrelevance+%28Church+Relevance%29

Top Nonprofits recently shared a free downloadable social media guide with great tips for churches with limited time and resources.  Here are some highlights:

Monthly: Plan

  • Content strategy planning session– Identify what’s coming up. Schedule campaigns
  • Define Key messages – Define key messages for campaigns & events
  • Use an editorial calendar – Can be as simple as a shared google doc or calendar

Weekly: Content Creation

  • Batch content creation – Maximize time. Minimize mental gear shifts
  • For Twitter, Schedule (or plan to add later) at least one post per day
  • Using scheduling tools like Hootsuite – Tip: vary timing slightly and avoid :00 and :30
  • Use analytics with your links – Insight, good. Dashboard obsession, bad.

Every Other Day

  • Post to Facebook – Best frequency to get and keep likes


  • Post to Twitter at least once a day – More is better and vary times slightly
  • Best CTR: 8-9am, 2pm, 5pm, 3pm* – (test for yourself) Worst times: 1-7am, 10am-1pm, 6-7pm
  • Best RTs: noon-4pm – (test for yourself) Worst times: Before 10am and after 7pm
  • Space out your tweets – No more than 1 or 2/hr (excluding @replies) Buffer is a great tool for this.
  • Check feeds at least 2x per day – If only 2x, then mid-morning & late afternoon
  • Weekends

    • Post on the weekend – People are less busy which means greater click through rates but less RTs and shares
    To download the free PDF version of Top Profits’ posting strategy for social media, click on the image below
    Posting Strategy for Social Media Free Download

    For Discussion:
    What would you add to this list?

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    from churchrelevance.com http://churchrelevance.com/posting-strategy-for-social-media/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+churchrelevance+%28Church+Relevance%29


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