Just read this: It’s About Time! Google+ Events

from Charles Lee http://charlestlee.com/technology/its-about-time-google-events/

Google continues to innovate…

They just released Google+ Events, a new feature on Google+ that allows groups of people to share updates, videos, pictures, etc. in a well integrated platform during a gathering. Here are some of its features:

  • Invitations can be sent out to non-Google+ users.
  • Google+ users can turn on “Party Mode” during an event or party and automatically have their updates show up on the event page.
  • The host can also send greetings and personalized Youtube videos to the group.
  • It’s also fully integrated into Google Calendar (of course).

I’m sure other services like Evite and Pingg will have to figure out what this means for them. Obviously, those parties offer other services that Google currently does not. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see more event platforms turning social.

Here’s a video about Google+ Events:

from Charles Lee http://charlestlee.com/technology/its-about-time-google-events/


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