Just read this: The 3 Thoughts a Leader Must Manage Within Themselves

from JeremieKubicek.com http://jeremiekubicek.com/the-3-thoughts-a-leader-must-manage-within-themselves/

Yesterday we discussed managing thoughts within our teams. You really can’t do that well until you manage your own thoughts and views of how you feel about your current position and your role within the team and company.

Below are 3 common thoughts that often impair leadership potential. If you can erase these thoughts from your memory banks you will be a much better leader to your people and find greater satisfaction in the way that you lead.

1. Grass is Greener Thoughts – How many of you right now have been on LinkedIn or have traded seed planting emails to someone who you think may have a better opportunity for you. The facts are that the best way to receive the best opportunities are to be the best you can be in your current role. Opportunities come from success. Success comes from hard work, focus and buy-in. When you are looking for something else your energy, focus and contribution diminish drastically. Divert your greener dreaming into giving yourself to what you are paid to do.

2. “I Deserve…” Thoughts – Ok, you deserve more than you are getting. Are you good? The reality of life is that none of us will receive the honor, the respect or the compensation that our minds tell us we deserve. The “I deserve” thought is usually a sign that we are having internal talks with ourselves more than focusing on giving to others. Make the switch to outward giving and you will get surprised at the amount of respect that will follow. When you are not focused on receiving, but giving honor is around the corner. The proverb “humility before honor” is the truth.

3. “No one gets me” Thoughts – This thought is the seed to victim mentality. This is self-pity in action. The truth is that no one gets you because you have become so self-absorbed and thus begin to set up situations to fail so that you can say, “no one gets me.” Self conversations are dangerous if you are talking to yourself in third person victim language. The easiest way to see if people get you or not is to talk to people out loud. Move your inward conversations to outward conversations about something more important than you feeling secure about yourself.

I may be pretty blunt here, but I have experienced every one of these. These thoughts do not lead to the solace you hope, but rather to a morbid view of life and to weak leadership. Rid yourself of these and watch your light get brighter and your influence pick up. Then you will experience respect, accolades and the green that comes from giving yourself away.


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from JeremieKubicek.com http://jeremiekubicek.com/the-3-thoughts-a-leader-must-manage-within-themselves/


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