Just read this: Jim Collins at the Willow Global Leadership Summit (2012)

from Paul Richardson Online http://paulrichardsononline.com/2012/08/09/jim-collins-at-the-willow-global-leadership-summit-2012/

Great By Choice

Why do some enterprises thrive in uncertainty and forces beyond their control while others fail outright in the same difficult circumstances?

The ‘X’ factor of a great level 5 leaders is humility.

There are three distinctive leadership behaviors that a leader must have to thrive in uncertain times.

#1 – Fanatic Discipline
How you exert a sense of control when the world is out of control?
Illustration: The 20 mile march that Amundsen took versus the erratic march of Scott (from the book Great By Choice)
Every successful organization has a goal to hit and a fanatic discipline to get there.
Manage yourself in good times so you can be successful in bad times.
Where is your 20 mile march? It’s how you turn good intentions to great results.
A 20 miles march is not an average it is days of consecutive performance no matter the conditions.
The signature of mediocrity is not (just) the failure to change it is chronic inconsistency.

#2 – Empirical Creativity
Fire bullets before you fire cannonballs.
10x leaders have the ability to marry creativity and discipline.
Creativity is natural, infinitely renewable, but discipline is not. Discipline can amplify your creativity, not destroy it.

#3 – Productive Paranoia
10X companies kept 3-10 times the ratio of cash to assets.
Amundsen calculated his need and then multiplied his supply need by 3. Paranoia translated into preparation before times are tough.
What do you do before times are tough so that you can be strong when people most need you?

The greatest danger is to be successful and not know why. (Burgleman’s Law)

Never forget the principle of preserving the core and stimulate progress.

The new twist in today’s Great By Choice talk:

Think of an event that meets 3 tests:
#1 – You didn’t cause it.
#2 – Had potentially significant progress
#3 – It was a surprise

Now as a leader, how well did you perform in the face of that event?

What is the role of luck? What does it mean for Pastoral Leadership (with help from Willow Creek)?
Collins chose to study and quantify luck. The key is to quantify luck as an event that meets the three criteria above.

Hybels helped Collins identify that those are the same criteria that miracles meet.

Are 10X winners more lucky than others? What if anything did they do differently?
Research showed that great winners were not luckier. Greatness was found in how they handled when a lucky event (good or bad) happened.

How do you get the most of the bad event or the good event? When the big events happen what is my responsibility to get the most out of these events? How do you grab the most from the good and define the bad?

As leaders we responsible for our performance. It is not what happens to us.

Greatness is not primarily a function of circumstance. Greatness is a choice.

3 Rules of Great Organizations
#1 – Superior performance relative to your mission
#2 – Makes a distinctive impact. What would be lost if we disappeared?
#3 – It achieves lasting endurance beyond any one leader. (An organization cannot be truly great, if it cannot be great without you)

Commit to something in your life that will be enduring and great. Get involved in something that you want to make the greatest it can possibly be because it must be done.

It is difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work. Do it with people you love to do things with.

from Paul Richardson Online http://paulrichardsononline.com/2012/08/09/jim-collins-at-the-willow-global-leadership-summit-2012/


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