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from Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) http://mobileministrymagazine.com/2012/08/10/theappbuilder/

Press Release: Churches Create Apps to Support Their Community Anytime, Anywhere with TheAppBuilder

San Francisco, 08 August 2012. DIY mobile app building website TheAppBuilder.com (www.theappbuilder.com), has unveiled a new service to help churches reach out and support their congregation at any time of the day or night; the ‘pop-up app’. Churches can launch a free mobile app by spending a few minutes entering information about the church, its services, words of strength and social activities. The app can then be set live instantly for use by members of the church’s community.

TheAppBuilder was launched in March of this year as a means for organizations and individuals to rapidly and easily create mobile apps, at no cost and without needing to have any technology skills. It has been such a success that over 30,000 apps have been created in the 5 months since launch.

The team behind TheAppBuilder have been overwhelmed by the number of churches using the system to create apps which bring their community together anytime, anywhere.

James Scott, CEO of TheAppBuilder explains why there has been such an uptake, “We always knew that there was going to be demand from churches and community groups to create apps, but the volume has been surprising. Having spoken to a wide number of customers they have told us that the benefits delivered by an app are particularly relevant for churches.

“An app provides members of the congregation with a quick reference point to the church no matter where they may be during the week when they are involved in their daily routine. This may be as simple as checking out what church activities are happening, when and where. Alternatively they may wish to review the previous week’s sermon notes for strength and reflection. When an app user needs to access this material it is as simple as a few taps on their phone, which can be done on the move and without delay.”

Churches can use TheAppBuilder to create a bespoke app for their church, or alternatively can populate and publish a church template. In either case news can be sent direct to the user’s phone, sermon notes can be viewed, prayers can be requested, and social activities can be arranged and shared using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Images and videos can let those who missed an event feel part of the experience.

The huge benefit to church administrators with little time and often stretched budgets, is that TheAppBuilder’s standard plan is free. A web app can be created in minutes using the simple drag and drop interface, and published immediately. There is no cost and no there are no limits to the number of updates to the app. Premium features such as submission to the popular app stores (iTunes for iPhone/iPad, Google Play for Android phones/tablets and Windows Phone Marketplace) are available for a small cost.

Scott points out, “We are now living in the age of the mobile community, one which is fast-paced and dispersed. However, the emergence of mobile technology has also provided the opportunity for communities to support each other. This appears to be a growing trend for churches, where apps are extending the support of the church beyond its traditional confines.”

For more information visit TheAppBuilder’s website or follow them on Twitter (@theappbuilder);


from Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) http://mobileministrymagazine.com/2012/08/10/theappbuilder/

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