Just read this: Happy Left-handers Day!

from Holy Kaw! http://holykaw.alltop.com/happy-left-handers-day


In a right-handed world, being in the minority can be just plain dangerous, so the Left-Handers Club has been celebrating August 13 as a time to give righties a taste of left-handed life for the last twenty-three years.

All year round, we fit in with home and office layouts designed for right-handers’ comfort – put up with doors, cookers, sinks, computer mice, keyboards and desks that are efficient for right-handers to work at, and hundreds of times every day we contort ourselves using back-to-front tools and gadgets that make us look clumsy and awkward in our efforts to make them to work…

But NOT TODAY! Because on this special day, it is your chance to GET YOUR OWN BACK on your right-handed friends colleagues and family, by designating your personal space as a LEFTY ZONE where everything must be done left-handed!

The site offers free downloadable posters, tips for celebrating and plenty of videos about left-handedness to make sure your celebration is as frustrating for the majority as it is for you every other day of the year.

Full story at Left-handers Day.

Unusual holidays.


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from Holy Kaw! http://holykaw.alltop.com/happy-left-handers-day


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