Just read this: Instant America [Infographic]

from ChurchCreate http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ChurchCreate/~3/Se1Urtkrlww/

When is the last time you visited a website that took too long to load?

Did you get frustrated, hit refresh, or simply close the window?

I have no doubt that the issue of patience five or ten years ago was better, but now we have higher expectations.

What is the load time of your church website or blog?

Would you fix it if you realized how much it would hurt your traffic?

We found some great parts in the infographic below and pulled them out for you:

  • Over three billion Google search are done a day or 34,000 a second.
  • Loading delays can mean people do not visit your page. If your site does not load in 4 seconds, you will lose 25% of desktop users and 50% of mobile users after 10 seconds.
  • This has translated into impatience in real-life, including being rude when service is slow or skipping theatres for pirated movies.

[Click for Larger]

How has loading times impacted your own life?

Do you think our lack of patience is problematic?

[via Online Graduate Programs]

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from ChurchCreate http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ChurchCreate/~3/Se1Urtkrlww/


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