Just read this: 12 “habitudes” for social media stardom

from Holy Kaw! http://holykaw.alltop.com/12-habitudes-for-social-media-stardom


While reading an endless array of articles on how to master social media and using the proper tools to do so will earn you a certain amount of expertise, as with anything in life, having the right attitude and work ethic is key to breaking away from the pack and making a name for yourself.

It’s this winning combination that Angela Maiers at 12Most calls “habitudes,” and, lucky for us, she has ripped away the curtain of mystery surrounding this phenomenon for those of us searching for the source of the spark.

1. Insatiable curiosity

Champion leaders and learners are curious about everything. They have learned that great questions are the best way to have a meaningful conversation, the best way to rope in a mentor and the best way to look like a star performer. Make it a priority to listen to people asking great questions. Be in charge of the questions you ask and keep a list of the best questions you hear. Use this to create a question toolbox you can use and apply to every social media interaction you have.

2. Audacious imagination

Imagination is not just for kids. Discovery, innovation, creativity, and learning all begin with imagination. We all have creative potential to dig a bit deeper, stretch ourselves father, and dream a whole lot bigger than we are now. You can increase your exposure to new ideas, look for new patterns and see how you can combine ideas to improve upon existing strategies and solutions. Learn to tap into this capacity by using one of my favorite strategies is called SCAMPER. Let the processes guide you in through the journey of looking for new ideas and craft your strategy to how to implement those ideas creatively. Opportunity awaits you.

Full story at 12Most.

Mastering social media.

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from Holy Kaw! http://holykaw.alltop.com/12-habitudes-for-social-media-stardom


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