Just read this: ChurchMag’s 2012 Top 20 Church Technology Blogs

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We asked you guys to recommend at least twenty church tech blogs, so that we could put together a top 20 list and you guys came through with them. While we had a broad definition for technology, including web development, social media, iOS, and programming, it must be integrated in some part and consistently with ministry or faith.

The list below took stats from their website, social media networks, and Google PageRank to come up with a ranked list of the most influential Church tech blogs. While the formula is proprietary, we would love to discuss any parts of the list.

ChurchMag’s 2012 Top 20 Church Technology Blogs

  1. cyber-soul.com (135.29)
  2. churchm.ag (122.94)
  3. churchmarketingsucks.com (122.40)
  4. churchstagedesignideas.com (115.58)
  5. dustn.tv (112.83)
  6. churchtechtoday.com (108.55)
  7. youthministrymedia.ca (108.55)
  8. communicatejesus.com (106.22)
  9. christiandroid.com (105.87)
  10. seventy8productions.com (105.03)
  11. mobileministrymagazine.com (104.49)
  12. faithengineer.com (101.50)
  13. geekrev.com (100.99)
  14. soulliberty.com (100.02)
  15. trinitydigitalmedia.com (98.09)
  16. youthministrygeek.com (98.27)
  17. bleedingtree.com (93.66)
  18. jonedmiston.com (89.33)
  19. nilssmith.com (89.22)
  20. churchtechtalk.com (83.14)

For all you statistical nerds, here is some more data:

  • The mean was 106.46
  • The standard deviation of the whole population was 12.60

You just finished reading “ChurchMag’s 2012 Top 20 Church Technology Blogs” on ChurchMag! Feel free to comment on it!

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from ChurchCreate http://churchm.ag/top-20-church-technology-blogs-2012/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ChurchMag+%28ChurchMag%29

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