Just read this: Essential Guide To Creating A Stunning Reading Experience

from dustn | Not “I”, but Christ in me. http://dustn.tv/stunning-reading-experience/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dustntv+%28dustn.tv%29

There are 3 aspects to creating a stunning reading experience for your blog that will give your content the presentation it deserves and your readers an experience they will love.

create a stunning reading experience

It’s one thing to create great content for your blog, it’s an entirely different thing to create a reading experience that keeps people coming back for more. Building a blog starts with great content, but if your readers are not given an enjoyable reading experience then you’re doing your content and your readers a disservice.

There are 3 factors that make up the reading experience on your blog. Typography, white space, and sizing. If all of these factors are working in harmony, your readers will love reading your content all the more. So let’s break it down bite-by-bite!
[This is part of the Blog Design Essentials Series. Check out the rest of the series here.]


You can get the rest of the article on Dustn’s site!!!

from dustn | Not “I”, but Christ in me. http://dustn.tv/stunning-reading-experience/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dustntv+%28dustn.tv%29


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  1. I am flattered by the fact you thought my work was worthy of posting on your blog. I have no problem with someone posting a summary of my work and linking back to the original article– in fact I am thrilled every time it happens!

    However, copying an entire article and pasting it into your own site is considered digital plagiarism. As a pastor, I’m sure that’s not what you’re going for here– just thought you may not be aware of this. Big internet no-no.

    1. Jason Morris says:

      Gotta work on my algo for that…sorry, that’s what I get when I don’t check my output from my reading automations!!!
      BTW, the stuff you’re posting is really insightful! What do you think is enough content but not too much? I’m really puzzled in figuring out the spectrum between the spirit of ‘publicize me’ and ‘don’t quote me unless you pay for it’. It’s got me confused. It’s hard to get the word out without actually using the words.

    2. Jason Morris says:

      Edited the post…is that better?

      1. Much appreciated Jason. I was mostly concerned with whether or not you were a bot. I’ve had feeds pirated before, so I guess I’m a lil touchy about it.

        I think 250 words or less is best if you’re taking them directly from the article. I think it’s even better to summarize in your own words (about 300 is good enough for search engines to recognize it as index-worthy content). If people have taken the time to visit your blog, they want to hear your voice in matters. To only give them someone else’s voice all the time wont create a loyal following. They’ll just bookmark the other sites and stop coming to you.

        For everything you read, you have a unique perspective– don’t take it for granted!

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