Time Compression

One of the lessons I learned while in Paraguay was the concept of time compression.

Living in a third world country gives you a different view of time. In the USA, we are time poor and money rich, where in Paraguay we were money poor and time rich. There are benefits to each.

The technology that enriches our lives also creates a weird time compression effect. You get more done in less time whether it’s a washing machine, a microwave, a cell phone or a car.

I can remember waiting for the bus on the corner to go to church one Sunday morning and was complaining in my spirit about how long it took to ride the bus. It seemed so inefficient.

You wait for the bus.

You wait for others to get on and off the bus

The bus doesn’t take a direct route to church

It makes what would be a 15 minute drive into an hour ordeal.

While I was thinking about all those inconveniences, a friend of mine walked up to me from the top of the hill a half mile away. We said hi, he said he was going to church as well and then kept on walking.

I thought it was because he didn’t have the money for bus fare. When I offered to pay him a ride on the next bus, he said the most strange thing.

‘Thanks, but I don’t like riding the bus. They move too fast, it doesn’t give you time to think.’


I realized that all technology compresses time, it doesn’t save it. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes it just doesn’t give you time to think.

Never looked at the bus the same again.

And we didn’t buy a car for another 3 years…they move to fast…didn’t give me time to read.

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  1. andrea marin says:

    Es así! Buenos Aires es mucho mas grande que Asunción. Para ir a algun lugar no sólo debemos tomar un bus sino dos y tres transportes diferentes. Siempre le pedimos a Dios un auto para agilizar tiempos y poder hacer mas cosas en menos tiempo… pero mirándolo como lo escribiste quizá Dios quiere que hagamos sólo eso…. y pensemos más.
    Disfruto de ver gente leyendo en trenes buses y subtes a mí me produce nauseas jajaja pero siempre pruebo para ver si ya lo puedo hacer. Gracias Jason! Buena manera de ver las cosas!

    1. Jason Morris says:

      les REY entiendo, Andrea!!! Yo no me di cuenta hasta que Dios me mostró de esta manera!!!

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